Although he is Howard Stern's head joke-writer, Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling is more often than not the subject of jokes rather than the writer of them.

He is usually ridiculed for one of the following reasons:

  • Jackie drinks too much Heineken and smokes too much weed for a man his age. He likes getting drunk and wading out into the ocean, which, in addition to being dangerous and stupid, allows his pale complexion to bake in the sun as his overweight body bobs up and down in the water like a buoy.
  • His hoarse, screeching laugh sounds like that of a clown school reject.
  • His body is not in the best of shape and his hygiene is questionable.
  • He is the oldest one on the show. Robin enjoys playing the "Who's older: ____ or Jackie?" game while reading celebrity birthdays during the news. Hint: It's usually Jackie.
  • Although he can be quite funny in social situations and on the show, Jackie's jokes seem to always fall flat during the most crucial time: namely, during his stand-up comedy act.
  • Jackie shamelessly and constantly plugs his appearances and shitty Jokeman merchandise.
  • Jackie owned a retarded cat named Timmy, which was killed by a car in 1996.
  • Jackie has written and performed some absolutely horrendous music.
  • Jackie's wife Nancy is perhaps the only person on planet Earth who loves plugs (for her terrible band) more than Jackie.
  • Instead of owning one very nice house, Jackie owns five shitty houses, which constitute Jokeland.
  • Jackie is always threatening to leave the show. When he did, no one seemed to care, and he came crawling back.
  • When drunk, Jackie has some homosexual tendencies.
  • Punctuality is not his strong suit.
  • His website,, is as annoying and tacky as Jackie himself.
Howard's show is usually at it's greatest when everyone else involved with the show is mocking Jackie relentlessly. Even funnier is hearing Jackie try to deflect criticism by picking on another cast member. Although most of the mocking is just a little ballbreaking between friends, some cast members and listeners truly do harbor intense hate for the man.

F Jackie!

Note: Jackie left the show in early 2001 over a contract dispute.

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