The Cobbler and his Family

A parable

A cobbler and his wife were married and had two sons and a daughter. The man worked very hard and very long hours providing for his family. Every year the man would make a special pair of shoes for each member of his family. The shoes were the product of a whole year of crafting. He would present the shoes to his family members on Christmas day.

One year he presented his shoes to his children.

“Thank you father for these shoes. They fit my feet perfectly and I will cherish them all year long.” His first son responded.

“Thank you father for these shoes. They will be good for playing baseball, let us go and play when the weather warms up.” The second son responded.

“Thank you daddy for these shoes. Let us have a party where we can dress up and we can play together and have fun.” His youngest daughter responded.

“Thank you my love for these shoes. Please stop making them.” His wife responded.

The man responded in dismay.

“I spend each year making these shoes for you, and you ask me to stop making them!” he bellowed.

His wife and children all said in chorus. “We love that you make these shoes, but would rather have you spend time with us, than all the shoes in the world.”

“But all I know how to do is make shoes.” He said.

“Come” they said as they grabbed the man’s hand, “and we will show you how to be more than a cobbler.”


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