I Am Loved is a project to spread love throughout the world. They do this because of a special feeling you get from those three words: "I Am Loved". Just knowing that you're loved is a wonderful experience. The project was concieved by Barnett Helzberg Jr. in 1967. This organization spreads their love through free buttons imprinted with the words "I Am Loved". You can order them at the official I Am Loved website: http://www.iamloved.org

Helzberg was the president of his family's company Helzberg Diamonds, and in his thirties. When he proposed to "his girl" she said yes. Knowing that he was loved was best thing in the universe to him and so he wanted to tell the world! At first Helzberg thought it was a dumb idea when he first conceived the button, but he couldn't help himself and brought the idea to his company's advertising artist. The artist liked the idea and they started advertising immediately. Helzberg originally only ordered 50,000 buttons but in weeks the demand for them was so great that he had to make more. It had become a "national movement" and no matter how many people asked for the buttons or where they were, he always gave them away for free.

It seemed everyone knew about the buttons. Religous groups liked the buttons to spread the message of love and schools liked them to help students build self-esteem. Helzberg knew that the buttons were helping sick children and soldiers at war and started producing the buttons in French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Italian, German and Hebrew along with English. As of today, over 35 million buttons have been given away.

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