A swedish pop/alternative band unlike any other. Their unique style takes the popish sounds to a higher level of appreciation. They've evolved from the Emmerdale album to Gran Turismo, capturing the essence of the culture that presently faces us. (But don't all bands do that?) Not all. In the subculture that facilitates mellow atmosphere, sincere wishes and thoughts, the Cardigans fit perfectly into the picture. That picture will fade soon, and hopefully, this band will paint yet another.

BTW, the remixes by Naid are the moodiest ever.

Swedish pop band formed by Nina Persson and some ex-heavies. Hits include Love Fool and My Favourite Game, they have also covered some Ozzy and Black Sabbath songs. Their slightly dated sound and their happy music/depressive lyrics are their trademarks.

The Band

Nina Persson Singer
Magnus Sveningsson Bass
Peter Svensson Guitar
Lasse Johansson Keyboards, guitar
Bengt Lagerberg Drums


Emmerdale 1994
Life 1995
First Band on the Moon 1996
Gran Turismo 1998
Long Gone Before Daylight 2003
Super Extra Gravity 2005

Other Side of the Moon 1997 (this is a B-Sides collection)

Be wary that there are lots of versions of those (particularly Emmerdale and Life)
They also made Deuce for The X-Files movie soundtrack and War for A Life Less Ordinary's


Well, I don't know. After hearing Lovefool you might have thought that they are just another pop band. But, even Lovefool is just great. Listen closely to the lyrics. Is this a standard pop hit? I don't think so.

Their sound is really unique. Though Emmerdale and Life's jazzy-bubblegum-pop is not for everyone, First Band on the Moon's slightly more rockish sounds might be more accessible, and Gran Turismo's trip-pop is certainly up to most people's streets. Lately, they have released Long Gone Before Daylight, a curious mix of country, rock, pop and some synths.

They have also covered Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne and even Thin Lizzy with Iron Man, Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath (or even Cocktail Party, Bloody Cocktail Party ;-), Mr. Crowley and The Boys are Back in Town, which you might want to check out if you are not a purist die-hard fan of those. Hey, it seems that Ozzy likes them! (even if that's only Nina).

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