The Band

Somehow Huey Lewis and the News always seems to be pitted as the underdogs of the music scene, but still they manage to come out on top again and again. Their style of no-nonsense rock 'n' roll is a continuing crowd pleaser.

The band was officially formed in 1979 with members of the country/rock band Clover and some recruits from rival punk/rock band Soundhole. Originally the band consisted of the following persons:

From Clover

Huey Lewis - lead vocals, harmonica
Sean Hopper - keyboards, vocals

From Soundhole

Johnny Colla - sax, guitar
Bill Gibson - percussion
Mario Cipollina - bass guitar

Furthermore the band recruited Chris Hayes to play lead guitar.

The Band played with this lineup until the nineties, when Mario Cipollina was replaced by John Pierce on bass. The band also added a horn section, known as the News Brothers, which included Marvin McFadden, Ron Stallings and Rob Sudduth, and on tour they are assisted by talented guitarist Stef Burns. Thus the present members of Huey Lewis and the News are:

Huey Lewis - lead vocals, harmonica
Johnny Colla - sax, guitar, vocals
Bill Gibson - drums, vocals
Sean Hopper - keyboards, vocals
John Pierce - bass
Stef Burns - guitar, vocals
Marvin McFadden - trumpet
Ron Stallings - tenor saxophone
Rob Sudduth - tenor & baritone saxophone

The Music

Certainly we all remember Huey Lewis and the News' number one single The Power of Love from the motion picture Back to the Future, but really the number of memorable singles goes on and on. Mentioning Heart of Rock & Roll would be appropriate, and I will just leave it at that. The band has produced numerous succesful albums, including the multi- platinum selling Sports from 1983 and Fore! in 1986. Also appreciable are the quirky music videos, for instance for the hit single Hip to be square.

But without a doubt, the thing Huey Lewis and the News are most well known for is their live act. The band has toured consistently at least every summer since they were formed. The members' experience as stage musicians always vouches for a top class concert. This goes well in hand with the band's mantra, "always keep it pure, keep it honest."


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