Vast, ambitious instrumental work that closes Metallica's 1984 album "Ride the Lightning." Written by Cliff Burton, James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine, and Lars Ulrich, the song clocks in at almost nine minutes long. It was the last of Metallica's songs to include a writing credit for Mustaine.

The song takes its title and some of its inspiration from the works of fantasy and horror author H. P. Lovecraft, and though it doesn't quite reach the peaks of Lovecraftian cosmic horror it aspires to, "Call of Ktulu" is considered one of Metallica's -- and heavy metal's -- best and most symphonic works. 

Prior to the release of "Ride the Lightning," the song was known as "When Hell Freezes Over," but the band apparently decided they didn't want to make lots of demonic-sounding songs like other metal bands in the '80s. 

Conductor Michael Kamen won a Grammy Award in 2001 for Best Rock Instrumental Performance when he rearranged the song for Metallica's 1999 "S&M" album with the San Francisco Symphony

What's a Metallica node without a guitar tab? NOTHING! (certainly not everything!)

so, here's some guitar tab for Call of Ktulu from Ride the Lightning

-- Bang the head that doesn't Bang!!!--




Bear witness to some of Cliff Burton's most spectacular bass work in this (quite subjectively labelled on my part) masterpiece. The mix is a little low on bass, so you'll need to run it through some sort of EQ to hear the crazy bass-soloing that is almost continuous throughout the song. (something which I was completely unaware of for a few years)

To all you aspiring guitarists: learning the solos to this song is a great way of learning to solo (full stop).

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