A animated short film, which compares a bickering couple and global thermonuclear war.

The couple are deeply involved in a game of Scrabble. The husband annoys the wife by sawing furniture. The wife annoys the husband by removing her eyes to rattle them. This parallels the equally pointless nuclear conflict, which is about to end the world.

This movie is a prime example of "Winnipeg animation."

A product of the National Film Board of Canada.

Written, directed, and produced by Richard Condie.

(Award info from Richard Condie's site, http://www.awn.com/condie/film.html)

Annecy, France '85
Hiroshima Prize, Japan '85
Festival des Films du Monde, Montreal, Canada '85
Genie Award, Toronto, Canada '86
Nomination- Academy award, Hollywood, U.S. '86
Tampere, Finland '86
San Francisco, USA '86
Krakow, Poland '86
Zagreb, Yugoslavia '86
Hamilton, Canada '86
Seattle USA '86
Espinho, Portugal '86
Treviso, Italy '87
Melbourne, Australia '87
Odense, Denmark '87
Award of Merit, Hiroshima, Japan '90.

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