Sin City: The Big Fat Kill is Frank Miller's third set of comics in his Sin City series. It takes the 'working girl's of Sin City, the setting of the comics, as its focal point. After the movement of Women to Old Town, they have been the rulers of the City, controlling all the 'going's on' within Sin City. "The cops stay out. That leaves the girls free to keep the pimps and the mob out." That’s the way it has been for a while, but not for ever.

After one macho, egotistic, and overly drunk guy comes into town, and gets himself killed by the girls; but after they realize who he is, someone everyone in Sin City would know. They see that their reign of the streets may not last. The mob will have to kill a whole bunch of tough girls and a man named Dwight, who will teach the mob a lesson, "Sometimes standing up for your friends means killing a whole lot of people."

The comic has the same noir feeling, as the previous Sin City comics. There are just as many action scenes, guns, fists, punches, nudity, and the same great writing as the other Sin City Comics:

If you are interested in purchasing 1 TPB which includes all 5 comics, you can find it on eBay, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other book stores. The information about the TPB:

- Paperback: 184 pages
- Publisher: Dark Horse; Graphic No edition (June 1, 1996)
- ISBN: 1569711712

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