Political party created by thunderstick out of pure despair at moving to the country where it's quiet only to discover that everyone owns large tractors and obsesses over not letting any vegetation reach a height greater than 1". The tractors are louder than your average 18-wheeler and run in the evening after the cubies get home from work, when you'd like to sit out and relax. Internal combustion without the dignity of a muffler is not pleasant, even from a half mile away. These people have adopted a lifestyle that does several things:
  • Makes way too much noise
  • Creates an artificial 'economy' of flora and fauna since native plants are cut away
  • Creates an artificial time burden what you own owns you by having to arbitrarily tend to the grass when the earth is quite content to ignore you at any time

To counter, I began segmenting my yard (if 4.5 acres is a yard) into edible zones - berry patches, apple trees, the pond (fish/cattails) and then connecting these areas with grassy paths that take < 45 minutes to trim down to barefoot height. A change in the fundamental assumptions of how my piece of the planet should work has led to a proliferation of wildlife and a much more enjoyable place to live. With the addition of some beekeeping equipment for apiculture, the wildflowers, ferns, mosses and other 'non-grass' plants started to thrive.

When you encounter a neighbor who spends more than 1 hour a week riding around on noisy tractors you can just mutter "Eat your lawn" next time you bump into them at the gas station.

Like the Fight Club guys said (paraphrased) why should I care if a whale dies 10,000 miles from here. I'm busy destroying my own piece of the planet.

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