Uhuru Park in right in the center of Nairobi - and very close to all the administrative and most important sites in Kenya. Nairobi itself is a twenty-first century city with skyscrapers and offices.


One of the most important sites near Uhuru park is Jomo Kenyatta's Grave which has the Kenyan Guard guarding it all day with big automatic weapons. Jomo was in prison from 1953 until 1959 and then became President of the Republic of Kenya in 1963 after independence.


Other nice sites around Uhuru Park is Parliament which is nearly always deserted, and it seems as though it's empty most of the time. This is to stop anyone attempting to blow up all members at once, and also because it helps give the impression that the government doesn't do anything and is very corrupt.   


Other cool features inside of Uhuru Park is the pond. This is a very nice pond with lilies in it and drinking water .

 Another bit which i liked about the Park was not just its weird religious gatherings (mentioned below) but the idea that you got ice cream sellers selling (very expensive ice cream there) this is a most a welcome refreshing snack in thirty five celcius.

Uhuru Park (freedom park) is a very famous park in central Nairobi. It has a stadium (and a large man-made lake) mentioned above.

It is famous for muggings, and the religious Christian groups which congregate there. I saw the NCAA (a Catholic group) when I was there, and a couple of Christians had become possessed by the Holy Spirit and were rolling about on the floor.

That is until some clever person decided to put them on the stage, then they rolled about quite happily on the stage for some time.

   Sources: My brain and findagrave.com

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