I have a fairy, doe eyed one,
Who tells me not to bite my nails,
and everytime I slip and fall,
She tells me only a quitter fails

Some days when she's not in sight,
I hold my breath and wait for her,
"Your brain cells will all starve and die"
She coldly says and indiffers

Some days when I'm sad and low,
I shove my hands in pockets and
start tapping with my feet on ground,
or tuck my head deep in the sand

My fairy, she comes at such times,
gives me a bunch of happy days,
I wipe my foolish tears and smile,
She says "Oh just go wash your face"

She gives me stares when I don't use
a knife or a fork or a spoon with care,
"Its manners so and so to do"
"And all else - don't you ever dare"

At night when I lay down to sleep
just sit by me - oh no she can't.
She says "Dear I can not give you
just everything that you might want"

(Oct 01 2001)

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