I love to cut stuff up and rearrange it. Here's a tool for doing that with text. It uses Markov Chains to analyze the frequency of word arrangements in an original text. Then it spits out random text based on those frequencies. The entertainment value of the result varies a lot with what you use for input text, but it can make some really hilarious stuff. Also, the more text you give it the better it does, basically, though it takes longer to analyze it, of course. Try giving it 2 or 3 radically different kinds of text, like an erotic short story and some record reviews. Things get pretty wacky. I originally got the core of the code from the first edition of O'Reilly's Programming Perl, the pre-perl5, pink camel book. I tweaked the script a little and have been using it for years for various things. Just recently I decided to make it into an object-oriented perl module. It's still a work in progress, but it works fine. the main application of it so far has been the Jung-Markov Collective Dream Constructor. Here's the code:

# this is a module version
# of the old Travesty script
# from way back in the perl4 camel book days...
#  steev hise, july 2001
#  copyleft 2001, gnu gpl, etc.

package Text::Travesty;
use strict;
use Data::Dumper;

use Exporter;
$VERSION = 1.00;
@ISA = qw(Exporter);

# the constructor accepts the input text as a string or array of strings.
sub new {
    my ($class, @input) = @_;
    my $self = {};
    bless($self, $class);
    # munge input into one string
    my $input = "@input"; 
    # Do each word.
    @ary = split /\s/,$input;
    while ($#ary > 1) {
      $a = $p;
      $p = $n;
      $w = shift(@ary);
      $n = $num{$w};
      if ($n eq '') {
	$n = pack('S',$#word);
	$num{$w} = $n;
      $self->{lookup}->{$a . $p} .= $n;
    $self->{words} = \@word;
    return $self;

# this method spews out the words, based on the frequencies.  If there is
# more than one possibility to choose from, choose one randomly.
# give it the number of words of output you want.
# it returns a string.
sub travestize {
    my($self,$limit) = @_;
    $a = $self->{a};
    $p = $self->{p};

    for (0..$limit) {    
       $n = $self->{lookup}->{$a . $p};
       ($foo,$n) = each(%{$self->{lookup}}) if $n eq '';    # a bootstrap ?
       # I'm still working on a different routine to cause the
       # output to start from a random place in the original text,
       # rather than always at the beginning. but it's proven more
       # difficult than you'd think.
       $n = substr($n, int(rand(length($n))) & 0122226,2);
       $a = $p;
       $p = $n;
       my($w) = unpack('S',$n);
       #print $w;  # debugging.
       push @output, $self->{words}->[$w];            

    # store some of these weird variables.
    $self->{a} = $a;
    $self->{p} = $p;
    return join ' ', @output;

### keep perl happy and comfortable.

Here's some example output, run on 10 Megabytes of some of my saved email:

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