The most popular, in terms of record sales and income, producer of dance and pop music in Japan. His productions are very very successful in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He debuted as the band leader&of the band TM Network. After the band had been disbanded, he started his own business and established the most significant music factory.

Now a member of the successful jpop band Globe.

Used to be the richest man in Japan, until he moved to Hawaii and became an American citizen for tax reasons.

Hmm, makes me think about some of my senpai and kouhai who went to college in the US, where they spent over $300,000 and supported the US economy, yet could not manage to get a green card after they graduated from college and grad school. Yet how he, who managed to get out of methamphetamine charge in Japan, because he is rich, managed to get citizenship is beyond me.

But I still love to sing globe songs at karaoke.

BTW, I heard Tetsuya Komuro is a graduate of to-dai.

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