In this, the latest Tenchi Muyo inspired movie, Tenchi and the gang are up to the same shenanigans, well, sort of. This movie starts out with the standard fight between Ryoko and Ayeka. Then, to get away from the fray, Tenchi escapes into a nearby forest, where he mysteriously disappears.

The majority of the movie is really just scenes of Ryoko and company searching Japan for Tenchi, and of Tenchi, who appears to be much older than normal, spending time with a new female character named Haruna. As it turns out, Tenchi's grandfather (Yosho) knows who Haruna is.

The story behind Yosho's and Haruna's relationship is explained to viewers in a flashback scene of Yosho and Haruna, on the first Jurain excursion to Earth. Apparently, Yosho and Haruna planned to run away to Earth to get married, when Haruna suddenly became very ill. Before their ship could land on Earth, Haruna died. Now, Yosho believes that Haruna's ghost has kidnapped Tenchi to fill the emotional void that was left when she died, and left Yosho. So, now it's up to Ryoko, Ayeka, Kiyone, Mihoshi, Sasami, Washu, Yosho, and Noboyuki to stop Haruna's ghost, and save Tenchi.

For the most part, this movie has a very different feel to it than any other Tenchi movie or series, in that it has a more serious tone, with very few comedic intermissions. However, despite that, I thought that this movie is a nice end to the Tenchi legacy (it is rumored that this is the last Tenchi movie). The animation was crisp, and flowing, the story was original, and interesting, and even the dubbing was acceptable (there is a subtitle feature on the DVD version). So, if you're a fan of the series or movies, then I recommend that you pick this one up.


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