Starcraft: Protoss Tech Tree

Templar Archives
Build Time: 60
Cost: 150 minerals, 200 vespene
Requires: Citadel of Adun

Enables: Build High Templar, Dark Templar; research Psionic Storm, Hallucination, Khaydarin Amulet, Mind Control, Maelstrom, Argus Talisman

The Templar Archives is one of the most telling buildings you can find when you perform a recon raid on an enemy base. The two units enabled by the Templar Archives- the High Templar and the Dark Templar- both demand resources, but are very effective. In an early game of Starcraft, you aren't likely to see both types of Templar, as pursuing one to the deficit of the other is less effective than going for one type, but as the game progresses and a player's resource intake increases, it is likely that both will see play in some form or another. If you hit an undefended Protoss base, you might want to ice this building after you kill any working Probes, as it will significantly set him back production-wise until he can build a new one.

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