In Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri (SMAC), the Telepathic Matrix is a Secret Project. It may be built at a cost of 540 minerals, on discovery of Eudaimonia (E12). The Telepathic Matrix eliminates drone riots in your faction's bases, and gives your Probe Teams a +2 Morale modifier.

How useful is this? Population is probably the most important factor in your SMAC score. Since every new citizen is a drone at some base population level determined by game difficulty level, you're normally forced to divert production from Labs, Economy, and military competence, toward Psych and drone-appeasing base facilities. This problem becomes exacerbated if you built or captured growth-oriented Secret Projects of Planetary Transit System, Ascetic Virtues, or (especially) Cloning Vats. The Telepathic Matrix lets you optimize for base productivity and military supremacy, dramatically easing your endgame. It's difficult to assess an energy-credit value, but the far-reaching effects and overall efficiency increase should make it pay for itself within a few turns. I consider it an excellent buy, even vital if you also have the Cloning Vats.

The Probe Team morale bonus is nice, but definitely secondary. The most attractive Social Engineering choices discourage Probe operations, and the Hunter-Seeker Algorithm makes enemy Probe Teams irrelevant.

Secret Project animation narrative:
   "From the delicate strands,
   between minds we weave our mesh:
   a blanket to warm the soul."
   -- Lady Deirdre Skye,
   "The Collected Poems"

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