A member of the Fatal Five.

Delya Castl of Titan was the real name of Mentalla. Born on Titan, whose natives all have telepathic abilities, Delya joined the Legion Academy in hopes of one day joining the Legion of Super-Heroes. With fellow native Imra Ardeen (Saturn Girl) inactive, the Legion had room for a telepath as a member. Delya, calling herself Mentalla tried out for the membership. Her powers included the ability to take control of a person with special abilities and make them use those abilities in a way she desired. Her limitation was that the person had to be surprised by the attack or else they could withstand her power. She also was able to confuse an attacker's senses, causing them to think that she was in a different location than she was. Mentalla was ultimately passed over for membership, the Legion choosing Tellus instead of her.

Mentalla was insulted by the the Legion having passed her over for membership. She left the Legion Academy and was soon approached by the Emerald Empress and offered a place in the new Fatal Five. Mentalla accepted, hoping that she could prove her worth to the Legion by helping to defeat the Fatal Five from within. She betrayed the Fatal Five, alerting the Legion to their location, but her betrayal was discovered. The Emerald Empress killed her for her betrayal.

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