A villain of the Legion of Super-Heroes, a comic produced by DC Comics.

Sarya is the real name of the Emerald Empress. Born on the planet Venegar, Sarya discovered the Emerald Eye of Ekron embedded in crystal and hidden within a cave. The Emerald Eye responded to the evil within her and she to it. She and the Eye took over Venegar for a time, but soon the people revolted and she would have been killed had not Superboy rescued her to join the Fatal Five, a group of the worst villains in the galaxy who the Legion of Super-Heroes enlisted in helping defeat a Sun-eater.

The Emerald Empress and the Emerald Eye have a symbiotic relationship. The Empress provides focus for the Eye, while the Eye provides her with power. The Emerald Eye may have the same origins as the ring used by the Green Lantern corps, as both use green energy.

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