Born in Cambridge MA in 1963, Ted Rall is one of America's greatest political cartoonists in terms of both artistic talent and political edge IMNSHO.

Originally published in local papers, Rall pursued several other career paths (engineering, taxi driver, telemarketer) before being employed to professionally illustrate and draw political cartoons for various publications, he is now employed by the Universal Press Syndicate, and is published in Baltimore Sun, Atlanta Constitution, Toronto Star, Philadelphia Daily News, Newark Star-Ledger, Los Angeles Times, Z Magazine, The Nation, Harrisburg (PA) Patriot-News, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sacramento News & Review, San Jose Mercury-News, Des Moines Register, St. Paul Pioneer-Press, Asbury Park Press, San Francisco Examiner and New York Times and many many more....

Ted Rall appears to have liberal views, like the majority of political cartoonists markedly to the left of the political establishment. Rall manages to combine his cynicism and despair of general society - the apathetic nature of the general public, the ratings war idiocy of the media and news channels, and the cronyism and nepotism of the corrupt political establishment - and deliver it to make us all smile. Ever since the 2000 Presidential election debacle, Ted Rall has called and drawn President George W. Bush as "Generalissimo El Busho", a tyrannic buffoon (see Dialogue #1 below) always seen dressed in military uniform and who came to power through a South American style coup. He sees the Democrats as either failed Republicans or complete eunuchs who don't have the balls to do anything (see Dialogue #2 below).

Rall's artwork is truly unique, the smooth curves and natural drawing style of other cartoonists are not present in his work. Reflecting the awkward and angled nature of the world the characters and setting are drawn in straight lines in a sub-Picasso nature, eyes are always out of line, pictures on walls are hung badly, shading is erratic. I cannot eloquently describe what he does, I suggest you look at a few of his pieces to get a good idea. Rall often uses his frame space divided in 4 or 6 smaller boxes so he can devlop a narrative (or set up the punchline) ocassionally he usually the whole framespace as a single canvas for high impact. SEE :

Dialogue 1
Political Adviser - This is Afghanistan (shows map)
Generalissimo El Busho - Got it
PA - There are two sides : The Taliban (evil doers) and the Northern Alliance (Pals)
GEB : I'm with you
(a silent cartoon frame as GEB considers all of this information)
PA - Hmmm..... Let's try again

Dialogue 2
(two democrats in a room)
Democrat 1 - I can't wait to vote against the republicans!
Democrat 2 - No! No! No! We democrats vote for everything the republicans want - Then when their policies result in disaster we say it's all their fault!
Democrat 1 - But those disasters wouldn't happen without us!
Democrat 2 - Brilliant isn't it? Oh by the way, you said you wanted to propose some legislation?
Democrat 1 - Yes
Democrat 2 - Don't bother. The Republicans will all vote against you.

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