A frozen custard place in St. Louis. They only serve vanilla as a base flavor, but offer myriad added toppings, from marshmallows or peanut butter and honey to raspberries or lime (my personal favorite). These flavors are offered as either sundaes, the toppings poured on top, or as concretes, the flavors mixed in. When first served, a concrete can be shaken (briefly) upside down without spilling the contents.

Ted Drewes is known to almost everyone in St. Louis, and at least famous enough to see more than a few Japanese tourists in the summer. They more likely come primarily to see the Gateway Arch and whatnot, but are sure to stop off at the famous frozen custard shop and take pictures.

Location: 6726 Chippewa Street
St. Louis, Missouri
On Historical Route 66
(open Feb to Dec)

4224 S Grand Blvd.
St. Louis, Missouri
(open summer only)

What is it?: Ted Drewes is a frozen custard stand. It has been in the same location since 1941.

What is the attraction?:
Ice cream, slushies, root beer floats, and the concrete. What's a concrete? A concrete is Ted Drewes specialty - frozen custard (vanilla) with candy, cookies, or fruit mixed in and pack so tightly that turning it over to dump it out would be futile. Its an amazing desert with a smooth texture, and this is what brings people back. That, and the atmosphere. During the fall, spring and summer Ted Drewes is packed with loyal and eager customers, the line often stretching to the street. There are no benches or seats, so, by neccesity and tradition, people take their custard to the parking lot. Here classes mix while people talk about the crappy St. Louis weather and the Cardinals.

Though franchise orders pour in from around the country, Ted jr. has never sold one. Ted feels that franchising will lead to mediocrity.

To get to Ted Drewes on Chippewa from I-44, goto Jamieson Ave. (east of I-270) and go south to Chippewa St. Take Chippewa St. east for one block.

To get to Ted Drewes on Grand from I-44 exit at Grand Blvd. Turn south 4 miles, Ted Drewes is 1 block past Meramec St.

Info gained through personal experience and http://www.teddrewes.com

update log:
26 july 02 - added Grand Ave info

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