The Technology Student Association is an intermural club composed of school students with a passion for technology.There are different events/projects we work on during the school year things having to do with technology such as building a floating lighthouse that is powered by wave energy or making ultra light planes/boats out of balsa wood there are many different things you can do. When these projects are completed we enter them into the State level competition where they are judged. If a project places 1st 2nd or 3rd out of everyone who did that project in the state ou qualify to go to the National competition. There you do basically the same thing though the competition is much tougher and it lasts for a week during the summer whereas the state competition is for a day and during the school year. We are not the air plane security guys!!! (There is another TSA called the Travel Security Association, they deal with plane bombs and hijackings things of that nature.) I cannot begin to tell you how many times I tell someone I am a member of TSA and they say something about planes. TSA is nationwide and also quite popular in Germany apparently Poland and Chile as well. I am sure there are other members here on this big melting pot of a website called E2, so please add your writeups, opinions, ideas, thoughts. Once a year those who qualify in the state-wide competitions go to the National Conference. This year it will be held in Dallas Texas. I bet many of you here can say it better than I can so please do.

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