The tap light is an amazing new device that is revolutionizing the world as seen on TV. It is ingeniously named because when you tap the large dome it will begin to emit light. The tap light may then be placed in standby mode (standby mode is often referred to as off) by again depressing the dome. The light produced is soft enough it wouldn’t cause someone sleeping next you to stir. However, it does provide ample light for you to find the toilet without being blinded or pissing on yourself. The tap light is an immensely versatile device that can improve the quality of your life in other ways than by just providing superior bathroom light. The manufacturer claims that the tap light may be used in every room in the house and that you may even use them in a places such as a boat, car or even while camping.

How does such an amazing device operate? Since zero point energy is still perceived as unstable the tap light consumes 4 AA batteries.

What does this magnificent device cost? You should be privileged to pay anything less than your own life for such a spectacular device. However, you can purchase six tap lights for approximately $18.95 + shipping from any television commercial.

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