Young Adult fantasy writer. Incorporates strong feminist themes in her books, but also seems to advocate a "tough on crime" stance. She has written five quartets of fantasy novels, as well as numerous radio plays and short stories.


The Song of the Lioness Quartet
Alanna: The First Adventure, 1983
In The Hand of the Goddess, 1984
The Woman Who Rides Like A Man, 1986
Lioness Rampant, 1988

The Immortals Quartet
Wild Magic, 1992
Wolf-Speaker, 1994
The Emperor Mage, 1995
The Realms Of The Gods, 1996

Circle Of Magic
Sandry's Book, 1997
Tris's Book, 1998
Daja's Book, 1998
Briar's Book, April 1999
Protector of the Small
First Test, April 1999
Page, April 2000
Squire, April 2001
Lady Knight, August 2002
The Circle Opens
Magic Steps, March 2000
Street Magic, April 2001
Cold Fire, April 2002
Shatterglass, April 2003

Circle of Magic and The Circle Opens are both about the same group of four young craft-mages: Briar, a plant mage; Tris, a weather mage; Daja, a smith mage; and Sandry, a cloth mage. These books are generally for younger readers, ages 8-12. They don't contain "strong thematic elements" like her other books.

Song of the Lioness , The Immortals , and Protector of the Small concern three different heroines in the same world (Alanna, Daine, and Keladry, respectively).

Overall sort of a fun, light fantasy author, probably worth reading even for adults (especially women).

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