T.M.Revolution is actually not a group but a single person. "T.M.Revolution" stands for "Takanori Makes Revolution." Born Takanori NISHIKAWA Sep 19, 1970, NISHIKAWA's usual style is a pop-techno blend that's fast and relentlessly entertaining. However, he's been around long enough to get some different styles under his belt, from acoustic to Gloria-Estefan-style Latin pop. His breakout hit, "Dokusai-monopolize-," (Dokusai meaning "dictatorship" rocked the Japanese music scene in 1996, and he continues to be popular to this day. He is an analogue to countless boy bands, except with talent. Anime fiends may better know him as the guy behind "Invoke" and "Meteor" of Gundam SEED fame or the guy behind "Heart of Sword" from Wandering Swordsman Kenshin. All his lyrics are written by his manager, Daiksue ASAKURA.

And now for the editorializing: His music is excellent, his voice unique, his style fresh. I heartily recommend his stuff. In particular you might like "Love Saver," "Heso Shukujo ~Venus~" or "Liar's Smile." Also, if you can get your hands on it, the video for "Madan ~Der Freischutz~" is one of the finest things ever filmed.

Also, he looks like a girl. If you weren't paying attention you could easily be fooled.

What do you say to a discography?


Makes Revolution - Aug 12, 1996
  1. We Make Revolution
  2. Dokusai -monopolize- Especial D-Mix
  3. Black or White? Especial "Matt" Mix
  4. Pin Up Lady
  5. Yume no Shizuku (I think)
  6. Urban Beasts
  7. Heso Shukujo -Venus-
  8. Liar's Smile
  9. Healing My Soul

Resoration Level 3 - Feb 21, 1997
  1. Restoration Level 3
  2. Heart of Sword Especial "Matt" Mix
  3. Tomorrow Meets Resistance
  4. Dynamite Passion
  5. Kageri
  6. Tomedo na Sa Sou na Bokura ~Bedless Night Slider~
  7. Imitation Crime
  8. Shakin' Love '97 ~Live Revolution~
  9. Heart of Sword

Triple Joker - Jan 21, 1998
  1. Aoi Hikereki
  2. Oh, My Girl! Oh My God! ~Morning Surprise Mix
  3. White Breath ~More Freeze Mix~
  4. O.L
  5. Mid-Nite Warriors
  6. Level 4 Level V Mix
  7. Slight Faith
  8. Mind Escape
  9. Joker -G Code Mix
  10. Twinkle Million Rendezvous
  11. High Pressure ~More Heat Mix~
  12. Just a Joke

The Force - Mar 10, 1999
  1. Wild Rush
  2. Untouchable Girls
  3. Thunderbird
  4. Andorigtaki Bokura
  5. Hot Limit
  6. Salsa Bazaar
  7. Aqua Lovers ~Deep Into the Night~
  8. Toteoki no Ohana
  9. Dream Drunker
  10. Burning Xmas
  11. True Merry Rings
  12. Promised Force

Discordanza: Try My Remix - Jun 28, 2000
  1. Liar's Smile Breaking the Code I-Mix
  2. Hot Limit T8-Floor P-Mix
  3. Burning Xmas for South People I-Mix
  4. Wild Rush Spice Cat U-Mix
  5. Imitation Crime Sweet Milk K-Mix
  6. Dokusai -monopolize- Smelled So Nice U-Mix
  7. Aqualovers ~Deep Into the Night~ Liquid Moon Night K-Mix
  8. Heart of Sword Beat Run Beat U-Mix
  9. Joker Lights-Out I-Mix
  10. Untouchable Girls You're Damn Touchable K-Mix
  11. Aoi Hikireki Deep Blue Kiss U-Mix
  12. High Pressure Picnic I-Mix
  13. Heso Shukujo -Venus- Jet Gear I-Mix
  14. White Breath Stone Cold P-Mix
  15. Level 4 Ground Zero I-Mix

Progress - Oct 12, 2000
  1. Resurrection I
  2. I.D. ~Love Me Crazy~
  3. Love Saver
  4. Black or White? version 3
  5. Last Resort
  6. Madan ~Der Freischutz~
  7. Vital Burner
  8. Private Storm
  9. Fragile
  10. Trace Millenium Road
  11. Master Feel Sad
  12. Light My Fire
  13. Resurrection II

B * E * S * T - Oct 12, 2000
  1. Dokusai -monopolize-
  2. Heso Shukujo -Venus-
  3. Heart of Sword
  4. Level 4
  5. High Pressure
  6. White Breath
  7. Aoi Hikireki ~Jog Edit~
  8. Hot Limit
  9. Thunderbird
  10. Burning Xmas
  11. Wild Rush
  12. Black or White? version 3
  13. Heat Capacity
  14. Madan ~Der Freischutz~
  15. Boarding
  16. Out of Orbit ~Triple Zero~
  17. Hear

Coordinate - Mar 26, 2003
  1. Abort//Clear
  2. Out of Orbit ~Triple Zero~ (Phase Shift Mix)
  3. Invoke
  4. Meteor
  5. Neo Sphere
  6. Brigade
  7. Juggling ~Acoustic GTR "Turbo" Starter~
  8. Tide Moon River
  9. Boarding (Phase Shift Armored Version
  10. Invoke (TV length)
  11. Thunderbird

Seventh Heaven
  1. Key of Seventh Heaven
  2. Albireo
  3. Zips
  4. Destined for
  5. Arterial Fear
  6. Uruwashiki Sekai
  7. Gunjou
  8. Koinimomakezu
  9. Engraved on the Moon
  10. Tears Macerate Reason
  11. Wheel of Fortune

Note: This is sort of incomplete, inasmuch as it leaves out his brief stint as "the end of genesis t.m.r.evolution turbo type d," where he wrote some ballads (still pretty cool). Off the top of my head, though, I think they were Kageri, Kageroh, Gekkoh, and Kaze no Yukue.


As always, for those interested, the official Japanese page is at http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/Music/Arch/ES/TMRevolution/, which also was the source I used for a lot of this information.

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