A song originally released in Japanese by TM Revolution, famous for Heart of Sword from Kenshin among other things, this song was later released in Engrish by someone calling themselves John Desire and included in the game Dance Dance Revolution.

The most spectacular thing about this song isn't it's rather mellow, semi-romantic lyrics, nor it's strange, not-quite-a-game-show-theme-but-not-quite-music sound, it's the fact that the lyrics are completely incomprehensible, causing you to hear anything you like (or don't) when you listen to it.

Some funny transliterations include:

  • We drink Ritalin (Even came with a Flash animation)
  • Pressure's always soul-receiving up my hole
  • Pressure's always showertaking up my balls
  • Burning cell phone / Semen in my pants tonight.
  • Seaman in my heart tonight'. Mystery is male maid f***ing all night long

Of course it's totally coincidental that almost all of these have a sexual connotation.

The (supposedly) original English lyrics for "Hot Limit" are here:

  • http://www.animelyrics.com/dance/johndesire/hotlimit.htm

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