In Norse Mythology, Surtr was a flame giant that lived in Muspellheim, south of Ginnungagap, is a world of fire and perpetual light. It is the complete opposite of Niflheim, while Surtr is not talked about much and is not described well, he is very involved in the destruction and creation process. Surtr is the first living entity, and it is his job to keep trespassers out of Muspellheim.

Although owning your own world sounds amusing, it overall became very boring for Surtr and he began to practice with his flaming sword. The sword sent large amounts of sparks and flames into Ginnunagap. Eventually, the ice in Ginnunagap would melt, and turn into steam, which in the cold air turned into frost. As the frost again froze to the floor of Ginnunagap. From the frost, two giants were created: Ymir, and Audhumbia. Ymir milked Audhumbia, and from drinking so much milk, decided to take a mid-day nap.

While Ymir was sleeping, a large spark from Surtr's sword landed near Ymir, and caused him to sweat. From his sweat, three other giants were born. Which ended up being the sworn enemies of the Aesir.

After creating earth, from Ymir's body parts, Odin, Vili, and Ve decided that Midgard, needed light. So they travelled to Muspellheim, and collected some of the sparks from Surtr's blade. They took the two brightest, which became the sun, and the moon.

The destruction of the world, will come when Surtr and the giants ally each other. This will be the beginning of Ragnarok

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