Brother of Odin and Vili, Ve is one of the most ancient of Scandinavian gods and son of the giants Bor and Bestla.

According to Norse Mythology, the three gods slew the primeval Ymir and from his corpse created the twelve realms, heaven and earth and Ask and Embla--the first pair of humans.

Every god gets one mistake...

In Norse mythology, the brother of Odin and Vili. These three are the sons of the giants Bestla and Bor, who turned on the Giants, slaughtering all but two, Bergelmir and his wife.

These three raised the inert body of Ymir out of the waters of chaos and created the earth, calling it Midgard ("Middle Abode"). Ymir's bones created the mountains and his blood the ocean, while his flesh became land, and his hair became the trees. The gods formed his skull into the vault of Heaven, and filled this with bright sparks fromthe fires of Muspellsheim, thus creating the world, the stars and the planets.

A gender neutral pronoun. The equivalent of "he" or "she".

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