The student-run radio station of the University of Glasgow.

Subcity operates on a RSL licence, meaning they can only go on air for one month at a time. However, they are free from commercial restraints, and can play pretty much whatever they like - and do. The schedules during the daytime cater for mainstream audiences, and the rest of the time cover anything from hip hop to techno to reggae.

The station controllers also give the DJ's a free rein on their shows - they give the programme controller an idea for a show and a demo tape, if they like it and there's room on the schedules, it goes in. They don't have a playlist to stick to, and can play whatever they like (as long as there are no sweary words in it)

The 2001 broadcast (from February 3 to March 2) features a talk show with the VP of the Students Representative Counciil, live sessions from local bands, shows from club DJs Kinky Afro and Hi Karate, and plenty of other stuff - there isn't one gap in the schedules.

Planning is underway for the 2002 broadcast, from February 9 till March 8 - and with any luck, better than the last one. There will also be a couple of mini club nights in the run-up to the broadcast, to get the name known around the city.

Subcity is a subscriber to SBN, meaning they carry hourly news bulletins, the UK Student Radio Chart, the CMJ countdown, and the nightly Late Show.

Subcity's website (designed by yours truly) can be found at If the station is currently on air, you can listen online in streaming mp3.

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