LA based underground hip-hop crew consisting of MC's Ryu and Takbir, and DJ Cheapshot. Formed in 1995 after Ryu and Takbir met and freestyled with each other between classes at Pierce Community College in Woodland Hills, California. The Dust Brothers signed them to their label, Hi-Ho records, in 1999, and rereleased the group's first album, 2000 Fold. The group also puts on a damn good live show, and they flow well onstage. They have an offbeat sense of humor and very fast timing (though not in the way that Bone or 3-6 Mafia raps fast), and they're very skilled lyrically.

In 2003 the group released the album Megadef. The single, Mr. Brown, makes excellent use of a couple of Bob Marley samples.

Songs to Check out:
*Underground Sound
*Winnetka Exit
*Marco Polo
*Atomic Zen
*Killer Instinct
*Dangerous Minds
*Easy Back It Up

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