WARNING: this is a rant node, you've been warned

While I was off at college this year, my familial unit decided it was time to move beyond dial up internet access. They wired up the house with Cat 5 and networked all the windoze boxen (we've accumulated 4 or 5 over the years) to a new Windows NT server. The NT server runs a proxy server and NAT between the home network and the DSL modem. The problem is the proxy is Microsoft proxy, not a standard SOCKS 4 or SOCKS 5. As usual, MS has defined a new "standard" and neglected to tell anyone else about it. All the client computers have to run a special MS proxy client to access the internet. MS doesn't make proxy clients for any OS that ends in an "X", so my linux box is SOL.

Even from this win98 box, I can't get anything but http through. No ftp, no ICQ, no #everything, and no email. Ugh. Maybe my dad will get sick enough of rebooting the server every time his printer disappears from the network to let me put a real OS on. (OpenBSD, I think, cause he's paranoid about security)

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