this house...

this house, of cacaphony
and strewn beer bottles tipped in ash
watercolor streaks on our hands
we were children here, embracing each other
the love of life hyperballad and the beasties
it was all too ideal
all too much in awe of each other
elements swirling like cream in coffee
clouds in stop-motion,
light falling all around us,
we created a vortex with the gravity blackhole of passion.
spinning with lunacy and mescal,
those who looked into the eyes of the dragon saw universes-
it was eternal, the magnetism, the coffee, the beauty of it all
we saw fall out of an open window
and were fascinated.

stories unfurling with the curling of leaves

then came halloween.
a day of dreams, a day of delirium, a day of death.
kissing strangers suddenly my purity was little stickers i willingly gave away in exchange for hearts
bloody, still beating, seeking the warmth glimpsed in these cold blue pools.
drowning in the undertow, we thrashed against the inevitable
watching the ripples cast out in wonder.
two by two, we seek truth amidst drunken gossip, building tensions and breaking down walls
gemini nature fighting its own dichotomy and old habits
finding comfort in the exquisite pain of self-honesty
and joy in misdirection.

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