Sóley Stefánsdóttir is a multi-instrumentalist and singer living in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland. Five years ago she joined the Icelandic folk collective Seabear to play piano, keyboards, ukulele, xylophone and write music (she studied composition). Ocassionally she would do back-up vocals.

After finding her voice she began to release music as an independent artist. She has one track out under her surname but now seems to solely use her first.

Last year Sóley released her first EP Theater Island through Sound of a Handshake, an imprint of the German label Morr Music. Morr released her first full length, We Sink, earlier this year. Sóley sounds somewhat similar to Morr labelmates Mum albeit with less electronics. Haunting yet airy, her music may induce waking dreams.

Unlike other Icelandic groups, Sóley sings in English. In an interview, she said that her lyrics come from imagined stories.

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