This is the single stupidest line I've ever heard come out of the mouth of a political figure in America. I'm sure you know, that's quite an honor when you think of the idiocy that's fallen from the lips of our hired help in Washington during your lifetime and before.

At the Democratic National Convention a few days ago, the Right Reverend Jesse Jackson was preaching to the choir, telling of all the horrors that have befallen Texas and Florida under the Bush kids. He also hearkened back to their dad's 4 years in office and the absolute nightmare that those 4 years were for all of us. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

I could have lived with all of that. But when he began to shout, over and over,

"Stay out d' Bushes!"

I've got to tell you that I was embarrassed. I was embarrassed for all the folks who were clapping and yelling. I was embarrassed for all the folks watching on TV. But, mostly, I was embarrassed for all the folks in this country who have fallen prey to the horrible evil of race baiting.

"Horrible evil"? Empty and worthless slogans are the same regardless of the dialect.

I have to admit to sharing your embarrassment in the fact that a cheap shot like this could get an entire convention's worth of people clapping and thinking "We support minority slogans!" But what it comes down to is a weak piece of substanceless political fluff. Race baiting, as practiced by both parties (let us not forget the Republican's diversity themed convention, or Dubya's promise to uphold the "Republican commitment to Affirmative action") is just a cheap ploy. The evil lies in the fact that the parties focus more on these worthless slogans and mutual head bashing than dealing with the issues.

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