Barbed Wire Whipping Party
Lyrics: Grateful Dead
Music: almost none

Oh yeah
Stay in the general area (area, area, area)
Stay in the general area etc

What's the name of his stuff?

Meat, meat, gimme my meat
Meat, meat, gimme my meat
Meat, meat, gimme my meat

Hello, talk
Talk, talk, talk

Stay in the general area

The barbed wire whipping party in the razor blade forest
?Sweet five me? my fangs could unravel you
, mister ??
Give me cold blood, barbed wire, naked on the table, laughing
No ? is permitted
There's more here than you could choke down in ten thousand years
The other day I went to Mars and talked to God
And he told me to tell you to hang tight and don't worry
'Cause the solution to everything is death


This bit of madness was recorded during the sessions for Aomoxoa, using tape loops, feedback and all sorts of wierdness. The lyrics (such as they are) are spoken or chanted - I've only transcribed fragments, which are often repeated incessantly and on top of each other.

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