Attraction found at Walt Disney World (in Disney-MGM Studios) and Disneyland, based on Star Wars. The attraction involves waiting in a long (but entertaining, thanks to C-3PO and R2-D2) line, then finally being allowed to board your shuttles. The shuttles are actually motion simulators with a movie screen and an animatronic droid at the dront.

The movie, such as it is, covers what should be a routine pleasure trip to the Forest Moon of Endor. However, it is your droid pilot Max's (Paul Reubens) first day on the job, and even with R2-D2 along to help, chaos ensues. Before the end of the ride/movie, guests have dodged TIE Fighters and screamed through the Death Star trench behind a couple of X-Wings.

Of course, Max manages to get everyone back safely, whereupon guests stumble out, trying not to throw up, and find themselves deposited directly into the gift shop. A very entertaining ride, if your stomach can handle the near-equivalent of a roller coaster ride.

One of the more impressive things about the ride is the scenery in the line. An entire Ewok village, at least in the Disneyworld in Florida, is constructed outside, and the inside part of the building is inside a spaceport. The outside features tree lofts, platforms and huts, as well as a large-scale model of an AT-AT and a (crashed) A-wing. The inside has many ships "preparing to depart", as well as maitenance bays with droids working on them, and, as mentioned, Artoo and Threepio are there as well. This is an example of truly impressive set design.

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