Attraction found at Walt Disney World (in Disney-MGM Studios) and Disneyland, based on Star Wars. The attraction involves waiting in a long (but entertaining, thanks to C-3PO and R2-D2) line, then finally being allowed to board your shuttles. The shuttles are actually motion simulators with a movie screen and an animatronic droid at the dront.

The movie, such as it is, covers what should be a routine pleasure trip to the Forest Moon of Endor. However, it is your droid pilot Max's (Paul Reubens) first day on the job, and even with R2-D2 along to help, chaos ensues. Before the end of the ride/movie, guests have dodged TIE Fighters and screamed through the Death Star trench behind a couple of X-Wings.

Of course, Max manages to get everyone back safely, whereupon guests stumble out, trying not to throw up, and find themselves deposited directly into the gift shop. A very entertaining ride, if your stomach can handle the near-equivalent of a roller coaster ride.