A co-host on The View. She wrote a book in 1998, called You Have to Stand for Something or You'll fall for Anything. Yes, Star Jones is her real name.

Born March 24, 1962, in Baden, North Carolina. (TVtalkshows.com) She has said on TV that she doesn't believe in Practical Jokes because "people's feelings get hurt".

She's a lawyer and she's pretty good at explaining muddy legal stuff on TV. She was actually the Head legal analyst for "Inside Edition" during the OJ Simpson trial in the 90's, but she was on Court TV before that doing commentary.

From there she moved up to being legal correspondent for the Today Show and NBC Nightly News. She did the Mike Tyson and Rodney King trials, and eventually landed her own syndicated show, "Jones and Jury."

She went to American University, got her law degree at University of Houston, and passed her New York bar exam on the first try. She became senior District Attorney in Brooklyn in 1991, taking on only high-profile cases, getting the maximum penalty for a 13 year-old who murdered another teenager.

Facts taken from bios scattered on the web.

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