Essential Tools For Squatters:

Required Equipment:

I’m Gonna Get All Domestic On Yo’Ass:

Other Suggestions:

  • Butter Knife the sort of thing that has a (fake) bone handle and long thinnish blade with a rounded tip. Used for slipping catches on windows - especially sash windows, and way more useful than a crowbar for this.
  • Bolt slap it on the front door before you change the lock.
  • Lock Barrel - the inside part from a Yale lock. Its the bit that you put the key in and the part you actually need to change. Keep a stock of these. Don't use the Bird brand if you can help it, they are really poor quality, go for yale or chubb.
  • Hacksaw for cutting the shank of the lock barrel down to size.
  • Drill hand drill, or battery if you're really flash - not essential but useful when changing locks.
  • A copy of Section 6 - can be found in the Squatters Handbook

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