In response to accusations of mass cut and paste write ups in the Squatting HOWTO I feel it necessary to prepare a rebuttal.

The document in question is public domain on the Advisory Service for Squatters website the same people who used to publish the Squatter Handbook (now sadly out of print). The ASS are an organisation who provide legal advice and aid for squatters and activists. The same organisation who strangely enough provided me with the simple advice 'if you're going to node about squatting, make sure you get the law right'.

I was offered the opportunity of simply noding everything on their site but decided to add a great deal of my own work.

In conclusion this is a hasty rebuttal which will be added to with documentary evidence if required... here are the facts

Oh and by the way, if you can find a copy of the Squatters Handbook, you will find my name in the credits... thankyou very much and goodbye.

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