The Spy Pen Dialogue, a recollection.

I read something like this, somewhere, and recall laughing about it.

"I got this big pen that records A / V."

Other Person: "A pen that does audio and video recording?"

"Yeah, I got one from (some website)."

"Oh, I see it. I expect that pen's not good, mostly because they call 640 x 480 Hi-Definition."

I loved the next comment: "Well, 640 x 480 is higher-res than most of the pens I own."

I'm thinking "Yeah, me too!"

More: "I got one and can confirm the video is great!" and, "Yes, it's a beast!"


"Sugar" says: "Why do you all want a pen with a secret audio video recorder-- What do you use it for?"

Others: "I just want one. I'm not sure why." "I want this in case I get pulled over and beaten up or abused, maybe file a suit on that." Then: "Is this for creeps, or normal people?"

"My girl friend and I both have one, and we're normal." Imagine that. I browsed loads more traffic on this thread. I'm feeling like a voyeur now. Excerpts follow.

"It's just for creeps. I want one too." "I wish I'd had one of those when this hot chick wanted to hop on my motorcycle." "It'll be great for traffic stops. I'll use it when someone runs into my car."

I think, "Yes. This is for normal people, as well as for creeps. Maybe we could all use a spy pen?"

Then: "That pen looks HUGE, is that noticeable?" and "Does it work in low light levels?" I can't stop watching where this goes.

"You and your girl friend each have one? Are you Mr. and Mrs. Smith?" Someone else asks: "Do you use those to spy on each other?", "No you idiot, they make porn with them." Followed by, "Where do you put them? Clip them on somewhere? Or hold them somehow?" I try to imagine.

Then, various suggestions about taping this thing under the desk of a co-worker, or putting it somewhere in a bathroom, locker room, or in a store's dressing room. Uh-oh, this was starting to worry me. I felt better after someone asked,

"What's the cost of the ink cartridges?", reply:

"So, you plan to use this pen to WRITE?"

Response: "Yes, I will write down my prayers for the sinners here." Good one.

Then: "Geeks and nerds attach these pens to kites, RC planes, helicopters, rockets, etc."

I see. A spy pen is for creeps, geeks, nerds and normal people.


"Here come some normal people... they look like normal Hawaiians" FZ

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