A chef is only as good as his or her ingredients, and every good 31st century chef knows that the best way to knock your food up a notch is to give your meal a blast from a spice weasel. In the Futurama universe Neptunian master chef Elzar keeps a rack of spice weasels handy at all times in case a meal requires immediate notch up-knocking, BAM!.

The spice weasel itself is a brown furry quadroped creature approximately two feet in length. Its face features a brown piggie-snout which, when the spice weasel is squeezed, expels a cloud of brown spices, BAM!. In most all cases it is advisable to not knock your food up more than one notch with the spice weasel, as kicking food up two notches can lead to imperfect flavor and dry mouth. Furthermore, do not aim a spice weasel at someone's face. The weasel's spices cause extreme eye irritation.

The Futurama episode "My Three Suns" was the first apperance of the spice weasel, BAM!.

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