Dwight is the son of Planet Express bureaucrat Hermes Conrad and his wife LaBarbara Conrad on TV's Futurama. Dwight follows in his parents' Jamaican heritage and sports dreadlocks and a t-shirt with the flag of Jamaica on it. He was introduced in the third season episode "The Route of All Evil", although due to FOX's crummy handling of the show, this episode did not air until the fifth year of the show. Due to this Dwight was seen in the background and in crowds of episodes that preceeded this one in series continuity with no explanation of who he was. After all, we were supposed to have already seen his debut.

In "Route" Dwight and his friend Cubert Farnsworth teamed up to start their own newspaper delivery company, Awesome Express, to compete with their fathers' business Planet Express. Initially scoffing at the idea, Hermes and Hubert Farnsworth watched as their sons turned a little part-time job into a delivery powerhouse, eventually earning enough money to enable the boys to take over Planet Express.

Everything came crashing down, however, when the boys began dumping the newspapers that they couldn't deliver in time in a crater on the moon. Hermes and Hubert came to the rescue and helped their sons deliver the papers, although as part of the deal they returned to Planet Express. Dwight appeared in three later episodes: "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles" in a background part, "Three Hundred Big Boys" in which his father buys him a set of bamboo boogie boots, and in "Bender Should Not Be Allowed On Television" where he joined Cubert and Tinny Tim in a stealing spree in order to imitate their television hero, Bender, who had landed a role on All My Circuits. This was also his final appearance on the series.


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