Elzar is the TV Chef Extraordinare on the Animated Fox Series 'Futurama'. A typical swarthy, energetic TV chef who behaves very much like the Food Network's Emeril Lagasse.

He's a tall-ish purple humanoid with four arms (what decent chef doesn't have at least 3?) and a piggy nose (like a pigs, really); Always wears a traditional chefs' uniform... always... that's got to be a Health Code violation.

As said above, he has his own cooking show ("Essence of Elzar") and, of course, his own restaurant ("Elzar's") where he uses a startling amount of slug to which he BAM!s an even more startling amount of spice from his Spice Weasel to "kick it up a notch".

Servo5678 says re Elzar: Don't forget to mention that he's a Neptunian, BAM!

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