Malfunctioning Eddie is a robotic used car salesman in the Futurama universe (first introduced in the episode "Put Your Head On My Shoulder"). He owns and manages his own used car lot in New New York City with the aid of two (human) salesman. Eddie's prime weakness is that he is poorly constructed; wires peek out from his seams, parts of his case are open, and his limbs aren't attached very well. In fact, his malfunctioning state has caused him to price the cars on the lot too low; he's practically giving them away! He's also easily excitable and explodes when surprised (such as when a customer offers to pay above the sticker price on a car). His prime autos that are favored by expensive chumps include the ThunderCougarFalconBird and the Beta Romeo, the car packed with eagles.

In 3002 Eddie was committed to the HAL Asylum for Criminally Insane Robots in order to undergo treatment for his exploding problem. At first he had his own room at the asylum, but eventually he was forced to share the space with Philip J. Fry, a human mistakenly committed to the asylum ("Insane In The Mainframe"). When Fry informed him that they had met before at the car lot, he exploded. A series of treatments helped Eddie to control his exploding problem, and eventually the problem was reduced to a simple burst of sparks from his shoulder connection. After undergoing these treatments Eddie was released and prescribed medication to prevent future explosions.

Despite being only a bit player on Futurama Malfunctioning Eddie has played a memorable role in the series. When he's not at the forefront of the action he can sometimes be seen in the background as an extra. I've often wondered who reassembled him after he explodes, as his explosions tend to leave few parts left over.

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