Speed Tile Stacking is a Data Center Game that requires a referee with a watch or clock to time the progress of the contestants. Theoretically, any number of athletes can compete simultaneously, but the geometric reality of most data centers limits the competition to four or fewer. The point of Speed Tile Stacking is to see which competitor can lift and stack the most floor tiles in a given time. This sport actually requires equal parts of strength, speed, and smarts.

Each contestant is armed with their floor puller of choice and stands near the referee, ready to begin. On the referee's mark (traditionally the blow of a whistle) the contest begins. The tiles can be lifted from anywhere in the data center but must be stacked on a designated tile adjacent to the referee. As more tiles are lifted and moved, movement about the data center is increasingly restricted. A rushed prancing gait atop the steel gridwork with a thirty-pound floor tile in hand can be considerably dangerous for all involved.

The traditional event lasts for three minutes and the ref calls out a one-minute warning after the first two minutes have elapsed. As the final minute comes to a close the ref blows the whistle once more and the contest is at an end. The player who has accumulated the highest stack of tiles is the winner.

Because you're not technically supposed to remove adjacent tiles of a raised floor system (the grid can become misaligned and difficult to use), a wise variant game requires that the players maintain an offset grid pattern of tiles. Every violation of this pattern requirement results in a three-tile penalty. This variant requires more attention on the part of the referee.

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