A device used for lifting tiles of a raised floor. There are two major varieties--one for carpeted floor tiles that consists of two plates with a bunch of sharp teeth that bite into the carpet at an angle, connected by a (handle) that also controls the motion of the teeth. You place it on the tile, push the teeth in, and lift the tile, releasing the teeth when you're done.

The other variety is used for smooth raised floor tiles. It consists of two large suction cups connected by a handle. If you're good, you can throw the puller onto the tile and it will stick; otherwise, you usually slap the puller on the tile. You then pull and there's a lever on the handle that will release the suction and let go of the tile.

The suction cup puller is far more fun--it's good to tell the new helpdesk employees that it's really a breast enlarger. It's also fun to play the floor puller game--where you throw the puller and remove the tiles it sticks on until there are no floor tiles left.

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