So you work in a data center with a raised floor, and things are going slow.... Here's some things to liven up your day. I'm not responsible if the boss doesn't think this is as fun as you do.

1. Lift a tile, turn it upside down, and put it back. Act innocent when someone asked what happened, and mumble something about plenum gremlins. Even more fun is watching people trying to lift the tile, since tile lifters don't work on the rough underside.
2. Remove a tile in a strategic place. Best exercise of this one requires a good imagination. Tiles directly in front of a door or behind some often accessed equipment are great choices.
3. Release small mammals under the floor. Spread rumors about the computer room being haunted.
4. Remove a tile and stick your head under the floor. It feels nice and cool, and people will think you're an ostrich.
5. Throw confetti under the floor. Watch the ensuing hilarity.
6. Put hundreds of pro-revolution flyers under the floor. This tends to scare everyone.

Anyone have other ideas?
I really did this in college.

I was a tour guide, and also working in the computer center during the summer, and so was another friend of mine. A third friend was also a tour guide and we knew his schedule.

Our raised floor had almost 18 inches of space beneath it--enough to get oneself completely under the floor with the tiles shut above you.

So, a few minutes before we know that our friend would be taking people through the computer center (we knew the route and how long it would take), I got under the floor and waited. I could hear the tour come through, and once they did, I started yelling, "Hey! Let me out! I'm stuck under here!" The tour was confused, and the other friend in on the joke did a good job of looking stunned and confused, and saying, "Mike, where are you?" and I'd say "Over here!" until he took the floor puller, lifted the tile, and I popped up like a jack in the box, dusted myself off (the under floor area is horribly dusty), pretty much directly in front of the tour (about fifteen people), and thanked Tom for letting me out. The tour guide looked at us with a look of shocked disbelief with a bit of, "Yup, I'm not surprised."

I don't know if any of those prospective students actually came.

My old physics class had a hugely raised floor, full of toxic dust and stuff. Now, before I go on you should all know that I was our school's physics Übergeek, and in fact knew more physics stuff than our teacher (poor woman, she had me two years in a row, and often as not I'd end up teaching the class esoteric tricks to make the syllabus easier), so she was kinda used to me playing up.

One period, arriving before anyone else, I discovered a trapdoor in the floor. It had been under my chair all term, but I hadn't really seen it before. So, I hid under the floor. The toxic dust mutated me horribly and itched my eyes, and after the period had been going for a few minutes, I lifted the trapdoor (at this point Fran, the german exchange student (the cute female one, not the hairy male freak who was a David Hasslehof fan. Got that? He really is big in germany) actually screamed a little), rose out of it to about the waist, and then stood in the floorspace while taking my notes for the rest of the period... people noticed one by one and laughed a little, but mainly, I had fun...

Not as good as the time we hid in the ceiling in english though.

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