compiled overview of the 35ton Spector 'Mech, from various BattleTech novels and game sourcebooks:

Modeled on the Exterminator BattleMech, the Spector was developed to target command 'Mechs and HQ units attached to light 'Mech companies. As its secondary role, the Spector was intended to act as a deep scout and raider. In June of 2639, the first Spector rolled off the assembly line at Norse-Storm Technologies Inc. and began six months of intensive testing. By April of 2640 the first combat-ready Spectors were delivered to the SLDF.

One of the fastest 'Mechs ever produced, the Spector fulfilled all of its missions with great success. The engineering team at Norse Technologies used the Magna 245 XL engine to give the Spector a maximum speed of more than 118 kph and added jump jets that allowed the 'Mech to jump a maximum distance of 210 meters.

To help the Spector perform its deep recon and raiding missions, the Norse Technologies design team gave it the same advanced stealth systems as the Exterminator and added one other. The Spector's design included a Chameleon Light Polarization Shield and special heat baffles in the 'Mech's feet, makibg it nearly impossible to detect. For added protection, the design team added a Guardian ECM suite that enables the Spector to jam the sensors of enemy 'Mech.

The Spector's armament is as impressive as its stealth systems. The Nightwind Large Laser is the 'Mech's primary weapon, backed up by two Defiance B3M Medium Lasers and a Defiance B4S Small Laser. Though some critics of the Spector argued that the weapons mix was too light to be effective, simulated combat tests consistently showed that the Spector's laser array was more than adequate to do the job for which the 'Mech had been designed. To compensate for the intense heat of multiple laser weapons, eleven double heat sinks keep the Spector cool on the battlefield.

Once the Spector joined the arsenal of the SLDF, the covert nature of its missions denied it the usual press coverage afforded many other SLDF 'Mechs. All records of the Spector were believed lost with the fall of the Star League until September of 3048, when rumors started spreading throughout the Inner Sphere that the mercenary unit McCarron's Armored Calvalry had found a Star League base and several lostech 'Mechs on its home planet of Menke. At about the same time, the mercenary unit Storm's Metal Thunder began raiding House Marik border worlds in 'Mechs that a few experts recognized from Star League-era books. Neither McCarron's Armored Calvalry nor Storm's Metal Thunder have admitted to deploying vintage Star League 'Mechs, including the deadly Spector.

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