Space Moose is a often-hilarious, mostly uneven, regrettably now defunct comic strip series, created by Adam Thrasher and Jason Kapalka. It debuted in the Oct. 3, 1989 issue of The Gateway, The University of Alberta's student newspaper, and ran to 1999, being published simultaneously and thereafter on the Space Moose website. After the first year, Adam Thrasher was the sole creative force behind the strip.


Towards the end, updates became less and less frequent, there being only one strip and one book review in 2001 and 2002. The author explained that his interest in creating sadistic comic strips had waned. The website was taken off-line in early 2003. There is no further news that this reporter has been able to uncover on either Mr. Thrasher or on the strip. (see the P.S.)

In its heyday, none could touch Space Moose for sheer hilarity through wrongness, in terms of sexually puerile humour. Nothing was off-limits, from pedophilia, to animal kumate, to auto-sodomy through time-travel.

This caused occasional run-ins with feminazis, christians, left-wing dope-addled activists, and other such stick-in-the-mud, bug-up-the-ass types that abound at college campuses. One such episode involved feminists trying to get continued publication of the stripped banned, and resulted in a fine being levied against Thrasher. He won the appeal, didn't have to pay the fine, continued printing Space Moose and generally came out on top.

The cast consisted of: Space Moose; a violent, Star Trek-uniform-wearing, GWAR-worshipping sexual-deviant cervid from the stars. He has an innie. He descended from space in an origin reminescent of Superman's, and was raised as a normal Canadian lad. A fine quote to sum up SpaceMoose comes from Dennis Hopper's character from Blue Velvet;


Billy the Bionic Badger; Space Moose's best buddy, a brilliant, conniving, cybernetically-enhanced badger. He'd encourage, aide and abet Space Moose's urges, often getting him out of (literally) sticky situations with the aide of his engineering prowess. He was just as amoral as Space, but more patient and devious. His tastes ran more to power and money, and less to FUCKING ANYTHING THAT MOVES, but they both enjoyed a good round general of mayhem and murder.

Marlo Smefner; The Straight Man to all the other characters, who were pretty much all omnisexual rapists. He had a job and steady girl, and was frequently anally violated by Space and/or cohorts. His attempts to rein in the other characters often resulted in trips to the ICU or a jail cell.

Bald Dwarf; The Butt of much of Space's need to humiliate. This short, fat, bald, well, dwarf was, on more than one occasion, a guinea pig for bizarre combinations of drugs or Billy the Bionic Badger's untested technology.

P.S. 256 points out that there is a mirror site at

YAY FOR 256! Thus, the writeup was fleshed out and proofed! Thanks to caknuk, I am now aware that there is another mirror at

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