An online comic at the obvious URL. It is either the most incredibly stupid or fantastically brillant thing I've ever seen.

Concerns the adventures of

Regarding the similarities or lack thereof with Pokey the Penguin, Friendbear's author has put an faq on his site ( that deals admirably with such suspicions. In said faq, he states that Friendbear was inspired by some stories that he wrote when he was four years old (which is especially obvious in the first comic or two of the series). That explains the distinctive dialogue and dispels any possibility of plagiarism from Pokey since Friendbear has been around longer in at least some form. The art styles are similar in that they are both MS Paint, but Friend Bear is entirely cut-and-paste arrangements of just a few original drawings, while Pokey's creator has taken the more work-intensive route, drawing each comic from scratch or at least using substantially less cut-and-paste. As far as the relative level of humor found in each comic, that is a fairly subjective concept and one that is irrelevant to their similarities.

Of course, no one can argue with the fact that Friendbear has failed to update for a damn long time, a fact which many agree gives Pokey the no-sense-making-webcomic crown by default.

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